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Highlander Registration





What is Highlander Registration?

Highlander Registration is a tool that will assist Gordon State College students in the registration process. This tool, housed inside of Banner Web, will allow students to generate possible schedules based upon selected courses that they plan to enroll in. The students can also build in breaks around their own personal obligations. This tool will help to ensure that students select a schedule of courses that fits their needs.


Who will use Highlander Registration?

Highlander Registration is a tool that will be used by students who are able to self-register. Groups that do not self-register (and perhaps are registered by a faculty or staff member) will not use Highlander Registration at this time.


Will I still need to see my advisor and follow my time ticket to register?

Yes- students will still need to see their advisor each semester in order to be unlocked to register using Highlander Registration. Students will also be given a time ticket of a range of dates/times in which they will be able to register.


Can I use Highlander Registration only during the time in which I am allowed to register?

Not exactly. While you can only actually register for classes during your time ticket, you can use the schedule creation tools to search possible schedules before your time ticket opens.


Where do I locate Highlander Registration?

Highlander Registration is housed inside of BannerWeb.

  • On the Gordon State College webpage, choose “My Gordon” in the top middle of the page.
  • Choose “Banner Web Log In”
  • Input your GCID (929 number) and your pin. If you do not know your pin, choose “Forgot Pin”
  • After logging in, choose “Student”- “Registration”- “Highlander Registration”


What are the basic steps of using Highlander Registration?

The basic steps of Highlander Registration can be found using the links below (PDF and Video Files).


I need more help using Highlander Registration.

More specific guides to Highlander Registration can be found using the links below (PDF and Video Files).


When is training for Higlander Registration?

Hands-on assistance for Highlander Registration will be available to students on the following days and times. In order to get the most out of your hands-on session, we strongly encourage you to:

  • Have already seen your advisor, been advised and unlocked.
  • Have a list of classes that you plan to enroll in for Summer and /or Fall
  • Have an open Registration Time Ticket
Date Time Location
Monday, April 3 8am to 9:50am IC 103
Monday, April 3 2pm to 4pm IC 108
Tuesday, April 4 7am to 9:20am IC 103
Tuesday, April 4 2pm to 4pm IC 102
Wednesday, April 5 8am to 10am IC 103
Wednesday, April 5 2pm to 4pm IC 103
Friday, April 7 2pm to 4pm IC 103


Who can I contact for help with Highlander Registration?

You may consider speaking with your advisor regarding the registration process. If you have specific difficulty with Highlander Registration, however, you may also contact highlanderreg@gordonstate.edu. Please make sure to provide your full name, GCID (929 number) and a detailed description of the issue.