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Distance Education

The Distance Learning courses, including online and hybrid classes, are intended to serve primarily a combination of three groups of students: a) those whose other obligations (work, family, etc.) create possible schedule conflict, thus allowing these students more flexibility with completing coursework; b) those who live more than 20 miles away from Barnesville; and c) those who are considered non-traditional. It is expected that by Spring 2014, Gordon State College will offer an entire general core in the online/hybrid format.

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  • Prospective students who intend to reside in states other than Georgia while taking courses from Gordon State College must contact Dr. Caesar Perkowski at (cperkowski@gordonstate.edu or 678.359.5233) before registering for those courses.
  • Each distance education course at Gordon State College includes at least one proctored assessment. If you wish to take one or more of those proctored assessments at a Testing Center remote from Gordon State College, you must seek the permission of your instructor. You must also know that you are responsible for the cost of those proctored assessments.

Courses from Areas A-E and G of the Core are offered frequently:

ANTH 1102
BIOL 1111
BIOL 1112
CSCI 1101
CSCI 1302
CSCI 2201
ECON 2105
ECON 2106
ENGL 1101
ENGL 1102
ENGL 2111
ENGL 2112
ENGL 2122
HIST 1121
HIST 2111
MATH 1001
PHED 1001
PHED 1010
POLS 1101
POLS 2201
PSYC 1101
SOCI 1101
SPAN 1001

Courses from Area F for business Core are offered frequently:

BUSA 1105
BUSA 2101
BUSA 2106

Courses from Area F for education are offered frequently:

EDUC 2110
EDUC 2120
EDUC 2130