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Faculty Technology Quick Guide

This guide is designed for faculty to help them locate and use the college's computing resources. Topics in this guide include: computer network access, Banner Web, Email, classroom support (AV equipment), GeorgiaVIEW and more!

Tutorial 1: Logging into the Network


When Human Resources and Academic Affairs has completed the processing of your employment information and the Computer Services Department has been notified, a Gordon network account will be setup for you.

Your Gordon Network Account:

  • Gives you access to technology resources such as on-campus computers, Email, GeorgiaVIEW, secured online content, network shared folders/files, etc.
  • Network accounts consist of a username and password. Faculty usernames will follow the convention outlined below...

    First name initial + Last name

    - for example, faculty member John Doe will have a network username of jdoe.

  • Your Gordon Network Account information (username / password) will be provided to you by your Division's Administrative Assistant.
  • Gordon uses complex password standards for increased security. For more information on network passwords and how to reset your password visit the page at...
  • Network Account passwords expire every 122 days.

Accessing Network Folders:

When you log on to a networked computer you will have access to...

Personal Network File Storage (H: drive)

Personal Network File Storage is basically local access to a drive on a remote Server that is accessible from your My Computer screen. Your personal storage folder is mapped as the H: drive. For information about network file storage and how to use it visit the web page at...

Mapped Network Drives

Any shared network folders that you have been granted access to will be available in the network drives list under My Computer. For example, faculty can gain access to any class folders that have been setup for them by opening drive letter N: on Hawk.

Secure FTP

Network folders are accessible from an off-campus computer by using the FTPS protocol. Click here for instructions on using FTP to access folders on the network.

Tutorial 2: Logging into Banner Web

Faculty will use Banner Web to post semester grades, enter office hours, view advisees and class rosters, etc. All faculty are provided a Banner Web Login account. To login to Banner Web, go to the Gordon State College website at www.gordonstate.edu. Click on My Gordon; click on Log in to Banner Web. Enter your User ID (your nine-digit GCID#). Enter your PIN. If you have never logged in to Banner Web before, your initial PIN is provided to you by your Division's Administrative Assistant. You will be prompted to change the PIN to a six digit number of your choice which will become your permanent PIN. If you have logged on to Banner Web before, use the permanent PIN you created. Click on Login.

Tutorial 3: Checking your Email Account

All faculty/staff and students are provided a Gordon Email account along with their network accounts. Gordon State College uses the Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) email system.

To log into your email, follow the specific instructions for on-campus and off-campus access located at... http://www.gordonstate.edu/departments/computerservices/email_access.asp.

Additional information about using Gordon Email

Also, watch our video tutorial on "A best practice for cleaning your Outlook mailbox". This is an in-depth look at how to effectively manage your email inbox.


Tutorial 4: Using the Classroom Multimedia Equipment

Most classrooms at Gordon State College are equipped with multimedia capabilities for teaching. Multimedia classrooms include a network connected PC, a Document Camera system , DVD/VCR player, and a ceiling mounted projector for instructional presentations.

For instructions on operating the different multimedia technologies around campus - visit the Instructional Technology Support web page at http://www.gordonstate.edu/departments/computerservices/multimedia.asp

Tutorial 5: Logging into GeorgiaVIEW

GeorgiaVIEW is a University System of Georgia initiative, through the Desire2Learn Learning Management System, that gives instructors the ability to provide rich online course content to their students. GeorgiaVIEW can be used for full online courses or as a supplement to face-to-face courses.

GeorgiaVIEW at Gordon State College can be accessed from the address below...


You will use your Gordon Network Account to logon to the GeorgiaVIEW Course Management System.

The campus's certified GeorgiaVIEW Trainer will offer training sessions on using the system throughout the academic year. For more detailed information about GeorgiaVIEW and support visit our web site at http://www.gordonstate.edu/departments/computerservices/georgiaview.asp

Tutorial 6: USG Podcasting Service

The University System of Georgia, in partnership with Georgia College and State University, offers a free podcasting service to USG faculty and staff for delivering video, audio and other digital media. Use of the podcasting server is recommended if you plan to use a lot of digital media in your course(s). It is not recommended that you upload large media files directly into GeorgiaVIEW however, you can add links to Podcasting Server content inside your courses.

Once logged in, the Podcasting Server has a complete user manual on creating podcast channels, uploading podcasts, and how viewers can access them. To get started using the Podcasting Server, visit the website below to request an account.


Tutorial 7: Security Awareness

Gordon State College has several security measures in place to protect your privacy and personal information. It is important to familiarize yourself with these measures and there are some things that you can do to stay protected.

Please read our Security Awareness Tutorial from the link below for important terms to know and for information on security best practices, symptoms of a compromised computer, security measures implemented at Gordon, and other tips.


After reading over the Security Awareness Tutorial - take our Security Training Questionnaire at http://www.gordonstate.edu/departments/computerservices/questionnaire.asp

Test your knowledge!

Tutorial 8: Software at Gordon

Gordon State College has a licensing agreement for eligible Microsoft products on all Gordon owned computers. As part of this agreement, faculty can install one copy of the Microsoft Office Suite on a personally owned computer.

Some other software available to faculty include but is not limited to..

  • Microsoft Expression Web
  • SAS (limited licenses)
  • SPSS (limited licenses)
  • Respondus for GeorgiaVIEW

NOTE: Microsoft Office, Expression Web, and Respondus are the only software licensed for a home PC / Laptop installation.

Please contact the Computer Services Department if you have any questions about software licensing. Licensing agreements can change from year to year. Ask your faculty mentor about other possible software that you may need as well.

Tutorial 9: Using your Personal Faculty Web page

All full time faculty at Gordon are provided web space for their own personal web pages to use for his or her courses, as a bio page, etc. Web space for faculty is created at the same time their Gordon Network Account is setup. Part-time faculty can have web space setup by request.

The web address for faculty will follow the standard convention shown below...


where 'username' is the Gordon Network Account username provided to the faculty member.

The Computer Services Department provides numerous resources for faculty that allow them to create and edit their web pages. Some of the tools that can be used for web page editing and that are available to faculty on their standard office computers are...

  • Microsoft Expression Web - HTML Editor
  • Photo Editing Program - Microsoft Paint
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional – for PDF generation

To get started, watch the video tutorial “Getting Started: A Microsoft Expression Web Tutorial” – then, read the text that follows for additional techniques on adding content to your web site...


IMPORTANT REMINDER :: everything you publish on the web is public to the world.

Tutorial 10: Saving PowerPoints for Distribution

Whether you plan to publish a PowerPoint to a web page, GeorgiaVIEW, or send it through email, it is important that you always consider its file size, printability, and accessibility before distributing to your students. One recommended method is to distribute your PowerPoint lecture slides as a PDF handout. Watch the video below “A best practice for saving PowerPoint presentations for electronic distribution” for an overview of this approach.


Tutorial 11: Access your files from off-campus

You can access several resources (network drives) from off-campus by using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Any computer with an Internet connection will be able to use this service. You will need to have an FTP client installed on your computer that supports FTPS (FTP Over SSL). This will allow you to download and upload files from our Gordon Servers from home (or any location).

The link below provides instructions for two different FTP clients that we recommend and that are both freely available on the web.


The folders accessible via FTPS from off-campus are...

  • Class Home Folders (N:\)
  • Class Web Sites (Q:\)
  • Faculty Home Folders (H:\)
  • Faculty/PT Faculty Web Sites (S:\)
  • Staff Home Folders (H:\)
  • Student Home Folders (H:\)
  • Temp Shared Folder (N:\)