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HEOA Compliance Plan


The Higher Education Act of 1965 was amended in August 2008 by the enactment of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) (Pub. L. 110-315), requiring all colleges and universities to take steps to combat unauthorized file sharing of copyrighted materials on campus networks. These regulations went into effect July 1, 2010.


This plan applies to all Gordon State College Faculty, Staff, Students, and Visitors that use the campus network.


The HEOA, in part, imposes three general requirements on all U.S. colleges and universities (see http://www.educause.edu/library/higher-education-opportunity-act-heoa):

  • An annual disclosure to students describing copyright law and campus policies related to violating copyright law.
  • A plan to "effectively combat the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials" by users of its network, including "the use of one or more technology-based deterrents".
  • A plan to "offer alternatives to illegal downloading".

Annual Disclosure

Gordon State College will send an email notice to all students, at the beginning of each academic year, which includes information on copyright laws and our campus policies and sanctions with respect to unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing.  This electronic disclosure will also include a link to our Computer and Network Usage Policy and a summary of civil and criminal penalties for violation of Federal copyright laws.

Effectively Combat Copyright Abuse

Gordon State College has implemented several “technology-based deterrents” to help combat illegal file sharing of copyrighted materials.

  1. Traffic monitoring to help identify high bandwidth users
  2. The college receives and actively responds to all Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices.
  3.  Firewall/packet shaping technologies utilized to limit access.

The college will periodically assess the effectiveness of these measures by careful review of infringement numbers, emerging preventative technologies, as well as best practices set forth by peer institutions.

Alternatives to Illegal Downloading

Gordon State College has provided a direct link to the EDUCAUSE web page listing of legal online downloading sites at http://www.educause.edu/legalcontent.