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Transient Students

Applicants are considered transient students if they are currently enrolled in another college or university and wish to take courses temporarily at Gordon State College. Transient students typically attend Gordon for one semester, take courses prescribed by their home institution, and then return to their home institution. Transient students must submit the following documents before a final admissions decision can be made:

  1. Application for Admission,
  2. Letter of Transient Permission, and
  3. Immunization Record.

Item (2) must clearly indicate the applicant's current academic status and the course(s) the applicant is approved to take at Gordon State College. The student must be in good academic standing. The Dean or Registrar of the applicant's home institution typically furnishes the Letter of Transient Permission.

The student, in accordance with established College policies may request transcripts of course work attempted at Gordon State College. Transcripts will not be automatically forwarded to the student's home institution.

For more information about the Application process and/or the Financial Aid process please click on the relevant link(s) on the left column. In addition, contact the Admissions Office at 678. 359. 5021 to request a packet of application materials.