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Frequently Asked Questions

I have applied to Gordon previously; do I need to pay an application fee?

Gordon started charging an application fee May 1, 2003.
If you applied after May 1, 2003, then you do not need to pay another application fee. You should print the application and fax it to 678. 359. 5080 or mail it to Admissions. If you apply online, you will be required to pay another application fee due to the set-up of the online application. It cannot be refunded.

I have attended Gordon in the past and would like to return. What do I need to do?

If you have ever been a Gordon student in the past, contact the Registrar's Office for readmission. The Registrar's Office can be reached at 678. 359. 5022.

Do I have to wait to be accepted to apply for Financial Aid?

No, the Financial Aid Department would like the student to begin that process as early as possible. The Financial Aid Office can be reached at 678. 359. 5990.

Do I need to turn in all of my documents with my application?

No, documents may come in separately from application.

Will not having my immunizations hold up my application?

No, files can be evaluated and students can be accepted without immunizations.

I cannot finish my Hep B series until after classes start. What should I do?

Gordon State College is able to give extensions for some immunizations so that a student can finish the series of shots.

I am a non-traditional student. I cannot locate my shot records. What do I need to do?

Students have several different options. First, you may get the shots again. Secondly, you may have blood drawn. Titer tests check for MMR and the lab can check for antibodies for Varicella. Students who sign the religious waiver must understand that if there were an outbreak on campus, they would have to leave classes.

May my high school fax my transcripts to you?

No, official transcripts are required to remain in the sealed envelope from the school.

May I pick up my transcripts and bring them in or mail them myself?

Yes, but the transcripts must be kept in a sealed in the envelope from the school.

My college has all of my records from all of my previous schools. May that college transfer everything from all of my schools to Gordon?

No, official transcripts are required from each previous school.

I sent official transcripts to you. Will you give Nursing a copy of them?

No, Nursing should receive a separate official copy.

I have taken college classes. Do I need to send you a copy of my high school transcripts?

Although a high school transcript is required only for applicants with fewer than 30 transferable credit hours, all applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a high school transcript with their initial application. Submitting these documents with the initial application will reduce the potential for a delay in the acceptance/registration process.

I turned in SAT/ACT scores and they meet your requirements. Why do I have to take the COMPASS test?

The verbal section of the COMPASS tests reading and writing skills and is required for students with a deficiency in English and for students scoring below 430 on the Critical Reading section of the SAT or below 17 on the English section of the ACT. The Math section of the COMPASS tests algebra skills and is required for students with a college preparatory, tech/prep or Required High School Curriculum deficiency in mathematics and for students scoring below 430 on the mathematics section of the SAT or below 18 on the mathematics section of the ACT.

Do I need SAT/ACT scores for Gordon State College?

Yes, SAT or ACT scores are required for students enrolling Fall 2011 or later who have graduated from high school in the last 5 years.

Is there a charge for COMPASS?

The student must apply to Gordon and pay the application fee before testing. There is no additional charge for testing the first time a student takes the test. An additional testing fee of $20 will be charged for the second time the test is taken.

Do I need to make an appointment to take the Compass test?

No, reservations are NOT required.

Where do I come to take the COMPASS test?

Directions to Gordon State College are located at http://www.gordonstate.edu/about/locations-directions
Park in Visitor Parking at the corner of College Drive and Spencer Street.
Check in is in Admissions 132 Lambdin Hall.

What is on the Compass test and how can I study for it?

Reading Comprehension, English Writing Skills and Algebra are on the Compass test. The web site www.act.org has Compass sample questions.

I live several hours away from Gordon, may I take the COMPASS test closer to where I live?

Yes, Gordon is now on the eCOMPASS system. If you have a college or technical college in your area that uses eCOMPASS, you may be able to take the test there. Please be aware that the institution where you take the test may charge you a fee.

Is the Compass test timed?

No, it is an un-timed test. The average time is 1 ½ hours total time for the Verbal and Math together.

What do I need to bring to the COMPASS test?

A photo ID is required. A calculator, pencils and scrap paper are issued.

Will the COMPASS test affect my Admissions?

Yes. Students who do not test out of at least one area of Learning Support will not be admissible to Gordon State College.

In addition to testing out of one area of Learning Support, students required to take the COMPASS test must make the following minimums in each area: Reading 62; English 32; Math 20.

I received a letter that had Learning Support as my major. What is that? That is not my major.

If the student tested into Learning Support, Learning Support will show as their major until they complete that requirement.

What is your deadline?

A Late Application fee of $49 will be required for applications received after August 3 (10 business days before fall term). Admissions requests you submit your information at least 20 days before classes begin.

Where can I find the Schedule of Classes?